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Saratoga Springs, NY


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"Golf at McGregor Links Country Club is spectacular!  The course has always been a challenging test of skill, course management, and strategy, but now the improved and enhanced natural characteristics of the renowed layout bring the stunning beauty of Devereux Emmet's design into fill perspective and enjoyment.  Today, a round of golf at McGregor Links goes beyond the scorecard.  McGregor has emerged as a masterpiece of turf management, vision and resolve.  McGregor is experiencing a revival and rebirth of the course personality that makes this track so distinctive and offers every level of player the opportunity to reach beyond the typical and experience links golf at its finest!  Players need to look beyond scores and handicaps to fully appreciate the scope and depth of this truly exceptional golf experience."
- Pete H. (member)

" I just wanted to say that both my parents have played at your course and I also have a few friends that are members. We got my mom some lessons that she took with one of your teaching professionals, who she said is great and has helped her tremendously. That being said I am really writing to say thanks to the whole organization. My 4 year old son has taken a huge liking to golf and he's pretty good for his age. He begs me to take him golfing EVERYDAY and he watches it on tv. Everyone we encounter including members, staff and management have welcomed him with words of encouragement, pointers, cheers, golf balls and sometimes a blue icey drink. I can't express how his love for the game has increased because of all of the support that comes from all of you, even if it's just a smile."
- Lynn G. (non member)





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